Ki Scyne is the host of the Virtual World podcast Virtualog and streams on Twitch. Ki is a magician, a proud member of the DiamondClub Stream team and is Brian Brushwood’s legitimately illegitimate black child. Ki the co-producer for the youtube horror series TribeTwelve.

Ki is Ambigender (Ey/Em/Eir), writes in 280 characters at @KiScyne on Twitter, listens to all their music on Apple Music, and answers the occasional question on

A total oddball, Ki currently lives with the best Husband in the world in Downtown Fort Myers, Fl, a place where they feel very comfortable. They have a cat whom is a good boy named Notch that is perfect in every way. Ki attack mained Symmetra when she was a support hero with no shields.

You can find em on the internet by going entering url [enter_service_here] or send em stuff via the mail at:

Ki Scyne
1350 Monroe St #524
Fort Myers, Fl 33902
United States