Ki Scyne is the host of the Virtual World podcast Virtualog and personality behind the V-Tuber Scyne and The Scynewave Show on Twitch. Ki is a magician, a proud member of the DiamondClub Stream team and is Brian Brushwood’s legitimately illegitimate black child.

Ki is Ambigender (Ey/Em/Eir), writes in 280 characters at @KiScyne on Twitter, listens to all their music on Apple Music, and answers the occasional question on

A total oddball, Ki currently lives with the best Husband in the world and their partner in Fort Myers, Fl. They have two cats whom are good boys named Galen and Notch and are perfect in every way. Ki attack mained Symmetra when she was a support hero with no shields.

You can find em on the internet by going entering url [enter_service_here] or send em stuff via the mail at:

Ki Scyne
1350 Monroe St #524
Fort Myers, Fl 33902
United States